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Heating Maintenance Services

Heating Maintenance

Like any useful household item, your wood or gas heater will need a bit of maintenance every now and then.

You should arrange to have your heater flue cleaned every year, particularly if you’ve been using sappy woods or kindling such as pine cones in wood heaters.

When cleaning your wood heater flue, we can also repair and replace:

  • cracked door glass,
  • reseal the door rope,
  • check you heater fan
  • and complete any general paint touch ups.

We also stock a large selection of wood heater spare parts and helpful heater accessories such as fire tool sets, trolley or collapsible wood baskets, chimney dampers, bird cowls and fire screens to stop young children from burning themselves.

While early summer is the best time to make an appointment with us for cleaning and repair, we can service wood or gas heaters in Woodend and Macedon Ranges and surrounding areas at any time of year.

To find out more about heater cleaning, repair, maintenance or accessories, drop into our showroom at 98 High Street, Woodend or give us a call.

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